ADDIMER 221N液体的地板抛光剂案例

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ADDIMER 221N液体的地板抛光剂案例,包括配方、生产环境与效果等。

Liquide floor for a hard protective film and a high gloss
6.0 % ADDIMER ® 221N
2.5 % hard microcrystalline wax
1.0 % soft microcrystalline wax
3.0 % Paraffin 52/54
25.0 % White spirit (to the wax)
62.5 % White spirit, cold

Heat the waxes together with 25 parts by weight white spirit to about 110 °C. Stir the clear solution into the cold solvent (agitation).

Floor polish in solid or liquid form is also used as a protective coating. It consists of a dispersion of wax in solvent, usually white spirit. It has a good cleaning action, must be buffed after drying and can only be used on solvent-resistant floorings such as wood and stone.

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