Addimer 221N脱模剂案例

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Addimer 221N脱模剂案例,包括了脱模剂配方、生产环境与效果。

Release agent
10 % ADDIMER ® 221N
90 % white spirit

Melt the wax and one third of the white spirit up to approx. 120°C and add the rest cool solvent to the hot wax solution under fast stirring (high speed stirrer). Cool the dispersion down to temperatures under 20°C under strong stirring.

The release agent based on ADDIMER ® 221N provides the required sliding properties and release effect to the mold. The addition of a silicon additive and other additives is for some processes requisite.
The formulation can be used in release agents for Polyesters, Di-cyclopentadien resins (DCPD resins), Epoxy resins, Silicon rubbers, PUR-RIM and a lot more.

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