CHT Group acquires keim additec surface

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On 27 November 2019 the CHT Group, a leading supplier of speciality chemicals, acquired keim additec surface (KAS) that was previously part of the keimgroup.

  • Long-established brand for wax additives strengthens the CHT business field Construction & Assembly
  • Significant expansion of the existing business within the printing ink industry
  • Development of the market presence in Asia with strong distribution partners and innovative products
  • Additional market and technology know-how in the field of wax additives


keim additec surface is a leading supplier of high-performance wax additives, with a strong global position in the field of printing inks. The portfolio is enhanced with water-based speciality additives of the silcona brand. Around 42 million euros will be added to the business volume of the CHT Group.

CEO of the CHT Group Dr. Frank Naumann said: “We are delighted that Mr. Keim, the owner and founder of the keimgroup, is placing his trust in us and that CHT Group was the chosen partner for the successful developmemt of KAS with its long-established brands keim additec surface and silcona.

The acquisition results in a significant expansion to our current business with additives for industrial applications and positions the CHT Group as a leading supplier of wax additives in the paints and coatings industry worldwide. We are pleased to be able to continue the successful business development and combine the strengths of technical innovation and customer service of both companies.”

Helmut Keim, owner of the keimgroup, is also very pleased “The CHT Group is committed to its focus on values and a sense of responsibility. Consequently, for me CHT is the ideal successor who can offer my employees and our customers quality and continuity. The acquisition provides advantages for both companies. The CHT Group gains a strong presence in the field of wax additives and in the printing ink industry. The two companies remaining in the keimgroup, euroceras and ceronas, get a strong, reliable and strategic partner.”

Axel Breitling, CFO of the CHT Group, deems the successful transaction a “strategically and commercially meaningful acquisition which provides the CHT Group with solid added potential for the future.”

Dr. Bernd Schenzle, Head of the business area Construction & Assembly for the CHT Group, comments of the acquisition: “The additives from KAS together with their strong distribution partners will significantly enhance and strengthen our worldwide portfolio for the paints and coatings industry. With this transaction CHT Additives will gain greater presence internationally. With the wax additives we shall be creating significant added value for our customers in a variety of industry segments.”

Dr. Bernhard Hettich, CTO of the CHT Group, notes that the expansion of the CHT business to include wax additives does not only constitute technological enhancement. “With this sustainable class of products CHT is in a position to serve attractive market segments. Adding to our product portfolio with sustainable wax additives underpins and supports our vision of being the leading international benchmark for sustainable chemistry.”

The parties to the contract have agreed to keep the contractual details of the transaction confidential.

About the keimgroup

keim additec surface GmbH, founded in 1988 and located in Kirchberg/Germany, is focused on the development and production of environmentally friendly water based ULTRALUBE® wax additives to improve or modify surface properties of resulting coatings. Typical fields of application are aqueous coatings, printing inks, lacquers and paints as well as adhesives and polishes. Further usages are in construction chemicals, heat sealing formulations and paper coatings. With a current production capacity of about 40.000 t/a, keim additec surface GmbH counts to the global market leaders of such wax additives.

In 2001 the manufacture of non-waxbased coating additives began with the foundation of silcona GmbH & Co. KG at the same place. Its portfolio of silicone-containing and silicone-free SILCO-types comprises dispersing, flow/levelling, wetting, hydrophobing, glide and antifoam additives as well as open time extenders.

By the acquisition of euroceras Sp. z.o.o. in 2007, more than 50 years of production experience in the field of synthetic waxes based on LDPE, HDPE and PP were incorporated into the formed keimgroup under the brand name CERALENE® and being a milestone also in the backward integration of strategic wax needs at keim additec surface.

Founded in 2012, ceronas GmbH & Co. KG produces an extended range of micronized mju:wax® types for solvent borne, UV and powder coating applications. Further customized waxes and additives under the brand names VISCOCER® and ADDIMER® are specifically engineered for the plastic processing industry.

Global availability of all products is ensured either by local distributors or direct supply.

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